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Volunteer FAQs

Q. What should I wear when I volunteer for the Strategic Space Symposium?
A. The appropriate dress for volunteers is business attire. This means a coat and tie and nice slacks for men and nice slacks or skirt and blouse for women. Military volunteers should wear civilian business attire. Military volunteers may wear their military uniforms while visiting the AMERICOM Government Services Exhibit Center on their own time, but please do not display your volunteer badge while while in uniform.

Q. Where do I check in when I arrive at the Qwest Center Omaha to volunteer?
A. When you arrive, go to Volunteer Registration on the upper level of the Qwest Center Omaha in room 215.

Q. Where should I park while volunteering?
A. We will have complimentary parking available for our volunteers. Please park in the Hilton Omaha Hotel parking lot and then walk across the street to the Qwest Center Omaha. At Volunteer Registration, you can obtain a volunteer parking validation ticket.

Q. Will there be food and beverage available for volunteers?
A. Yes. There will be refreshments provided in the Volunteer Lounge located inside the AMERICOM Government Services Exhibit Center. The lounge is an area for volunteers to relax between shifts and/or grab a bite to eat. We will serve a light breakfast, lunch, and dinner daily for volunteers. Your volunteer badge will grant you access to the lounge. Please use the volunteer lounge only when you are volunteering and have a break or have recently completed a volunteer shift.

Q. What are the benefits to volunteering at the Strategic Space Symposium?
A. For every four hours that you volunteer, you are entitled to tour the AMERICOM Government Services Exhibit Center and/or attend a Symposium session.

Please follow these steps:  At the end of each shift, you may turn in your badge to receive an Exhibitor Guest badge, which allows entry into the AMERICOM Government Services Exhibit Center only. Also, for every four hours you work, you may attend either a morning or afternoon Strategic Space Symposium session. When you turn in your volunteer badge, please request a session pass from Volunteer Registration. You will receive an a.m. or p.m. session pass, along with a “Guest of Space Foundation” badge. Both are required for entry into the session of your choice.

Q. What if I have an emergency and cannot make my shift on short notice?
A. If you are unable to work your scheduled shift, please contact Jennifer Picard at [email protected] or 719.576.8000. We understand that emergencies do arise, but please remember that we are counting on you! If you must cancel a shift, please give us as much time as possible to find a replacement.
Q. Will there be a Volunteer Orientation meeting prior to the Strategic Space Symposium or training for volunteers?
A.  Yes. We have scheduled a Volunteer Orientation meeting on Sunday, Nov.  1. Time and place will be announced soon. During this meeting, you will meet some of the key team members you will be working with and receive a small briefing on volunteering. 

Q. What are the security measures I should keep in mind as a volunteer?
A. The Space Foundation makes every effort to maintain very tight, yet transparent security for the participants of the Strategic Space Symposium. We want to ensure everyone is safe without inconveniencing anyone. Please assist our Security Volunteers and the Space Foundation Team Members by informing them of any suspicious behavior or activity immediately. We do expect some protestors, but please be courteous and avoid speaking to them. In any medical emergency, please call 911 immediately.

Q. How do I check my schedule again if I have forgotten what it is?
A. Please visit to check what positions and shifts you are scheduled for. You will be prompted to enter your username and password.

If you have other questions that are not answered in these FAQs, please contact the Space Foundation Volunteer Coordinator, Jennifer Picard, at [email protected] or

We appreciate all of our volunteers! Thank you for generously donating your time!